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To get started you first need to create a free EscapeItKit account. This is where you can purchase, organize, customize and download your kits. In short it's where all the magic happens. It will always be available to you so you never lose access to your kits.

Once logged in you also have access to the Escape It Director. This included app gives you control over your running room(s). Learn More

Build and Customize your Kit

Basic do-it-yourself (DIY) Escape Rooms kits usually consist of a PDF you can purchase, print and play around the kitchen table. How is that an Escape Room? EscapeItKit is different. Our kits go the extra mile to create an experience that participants won't stop talking about.

We think that giving you more control over the experience is where the real excitement is. Each kit will have a basic storyline and multi-threaded puzzle structure but you each puzzle has an element of customization.

For example, a puzzle solution might give you a specific word or phrase that you must provide to another puzzle in order to proceed. You can customize that solution and the kit will auto-magically generate a custom puzzle and tie everything together.

You can build in your own sub-theme interlaced in the puzzles themselves and create a unique experience!

  • Customize the main objective and storyline.
  • Change the solutions of puzzles and the entire kit will adapt.
  • Adjust the difficulty of many puzzles from easy-going casual to hard-core challenging.
  • Use your own props and puzzles. You can customize the solutions of kit puzzles to integrate with other physical props you may have.
  • Optionally build simple, integrated props and puzzles from common household items with step-by-step instructions.
  • Choose alternate puzzles that still fit the theme.

We've worked very hard to make it easy to not only setup your own Escape Room with a kit but also add your own element of customization. It's a careful balance of do-it-yourself (DIY) and a complete, packaged kit and there really is nothing else like it.

We also offer Premium Kits which still let you customize a kit, if you wish, however we will do the extra setup for you with high quality materials and ship them directly to you. Learn More

Set up the ultimate escape room

You're ready. It's time to set up the ultimate Escape Room. Print off the puzzles and other props dynamically created just for you and follow the detailed instructions for each puzzle.

Every kit will come with at least the following to help you set up and run your Escape Room:

  • Downloadable PDF with printable puzzles and riddles.
  • Introduction storyline setting up the objectives.
  • Instructions and tips for setting up and running your Escape Room.
  • Escape plan diagram illustrating how each puzzle threads together to complete the objective.
  • Answer sheet, walkthrough and explanations on how to solve puzzles.
  • Two to three hints per puzzle that you can provide participants if they get stuck.

Choose a room that is large enough for your participants to move around in but not too large that the game props are difficult to find. Keep in mind that being restricted to a confined space is part of the experience. It creates an explorable space for you to scatter different clues and puzzles around.

Using the Escape It Director app you can set up one or more displays in the room that will create the immersive environment to make the experience epic. Learn More

Escape the room!

The adventure begins! Read participants the introduction storyline and place them in the room. When you are ready, start the room using the Escape It Director app. For many kits, this will set off a chain of events that follow the story with visuals, sound effects and starts the countdown.

While participants scramble to solve the puzzles you have control to set off different events in the Director. Some of these will be vital to complete the room and others will just enhance the experience such as an explosion sound effect. Displays will react to their progress solving puzzles.

You can interact with the group as much as possible but resist helping them too much unless they ask for it. If you plan on running multiple rooms for larger groups you can have them compete with each other by completing the room and taking the least amount of hints!

Good luck and have fun!

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