The year is 2144. Space travel between planets is a normal occurrence as various transport ships ferry passengers among the stars. You are on such a ship.

Unfortunately, just as you settle in for the trip, something goes terribly wrong. An asteroid slams into the ship causing a malfunction that activates the ship’s self destruct! In a matter of minutes the ship will be destroyed!

What will you do?

  • 4-12 Participants per Room
  • Ages 12 and Up
  • 60 Minutes to Escape
  • 9 Puzzles to Solve
  • 3 DIY Props Included
  • Audio and Visual Effects
  • Display Recommended
  • Interact Device Recommended
  • Escape It Director

The Self Destruct Kit is an action-packed experience as participants race to disable the self destruct sequence as the ship breaks apart around them causing malfunctioning systems and chaos at every turn.

The kit is complete with sound and visual effects and a variety of puzzles ranging from spacial reasoning, mathematics, pattern recognition and more. Participants will also use an Interact Device (Phone, Tablet, etc) and interface directly with the ship's system as they work to escape.

It's great for small to large groups up to 12 participants and ages 12 and up — perfect for birthday parties, team-building exercises, classroom activities, etc.

Build Kit