Providing a downloadable Escape Room kit has its challenges. Our goal was to go beyond just a PDF that you print, put people in a room and force them to do math. This doesn't sound fun to us. To achieve a better experience we put a lot of effort into utilizing both custom "props" and technology.

Escape Room Props

To add a variety of puzzles we looked at providing "props", or room elements that you can build from common household materials. Most of these will be puzzles but they may just exist to improve the experience.

Each kit using props will provide step-by-step instructions as well as photos to help you create them. If you are especially crafty these props also give you another chance to go the extra mile creating the atmosphere for your room. If building props isn't your idea of fun you can simply choose an alternate puzzle that requires less preparation or order a Premium Kit. Learn More


Let's face it, these days we have devices all around us: Computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, TVs, etc. What if we used some of that technology for some fun?

EscapeItKit leverages the devices you already have to enhance the experience in ways that almost seem magical! This is what really sets EscapeItKit apart from the others and makes it unique.

 Display Device

A major component you can use is what we call the "Display Device", or simply the "Display". It's exactly that, a display for your Escape Room. You can use a computer and monitor, or connect it to a TV or projector, use a laptop, iPad or different tablet. As long as it's a modern device with a web browser you are good to go!

It works by connecting to a special website that will then react based on the progress participants make while escaping the room. Depending on the kit it can also provide a countdown timer, ambient audio, visual and audio effects. It may even be used for puzzles also!

As mentioned the Display is also used for audio. This is important to consider when choosing a device.

You don't have to stop there! If you have the equipment, you can connect as many displays as you wish. The choice is yours on how much you want to enhance your Escape Room experience.

 Interact Device

The next major component is the "Interact Device". Where the Display is designed to be non-interactive this is the opposite, it's a device that participants will use to interact with the room. This device is typically a tablet or smartphone that you can either provide in the room or let participants use their personal devices. There is no limit on how many interact devices can be used, everyone can be involved!

Similar to the Display, the Interact Device will use a web browser to visit a special website that is dedicated to your specific Escape Room. Depending on the kit, participants will be presented with different puzzles, media and other ways to interact with the room as they try to escape.

 Escape It Director

The last piece to bring it all together is a device, typically your own personal smartphone, that you can use to control the room. Learn More

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Escape It Director