What is an Escape Room?

Generally speaking an "Escape Room" is a physical adventure game for a team of players to solve a series of puzzles and riddles to complete an objective, usually to "escape the room".

The structure of Escape Room challenges are generally the same. You are given a scenario and placed in a room/area littered with clues, puzzles, and other game props. It's the participant's job to work together, find and solve the puzzles, and complete the objective before time runs out.

Escape Rooms became popular in 2010 and continue to gain momentum. There may be several Escape Room establishments in your area that you can visit and experience.

EscapeItKit brings the adventure to you to, in your own space!

What is included in a kit?

We've worked very hard to make it easy to not only setup your own Escape Room with a kit but also add your own element of customization. It's a careful balance of do-it-yourself (DIY) and a complete, packaged kit.

Every kit will come with at least the following:

  • Downloadable PDF with printable puzzles and riddles.
  • Introduction storyline setting up the objectives.
  • Instructions to create puzzle game props from common items. Learn More
  • Instructions and tips for setting up and running your Escape Room.
  • Escape plan diagram illustrating how each puzzle threads together to complete the objective.
  • Answer sheet, walkthrough and explanations on how to solve puzzles.
  • Two to three hints per puzzle that you can provide participants if they get stuck.
  • Our Escape It Director app to run and manage your Escape Room experience. Learn More
  • An EscapeItKit account organizing all your kits.

In addition many kits come with:

  • Technology/computer visuals, audio and sound effects. Learn More

We also offer Premium Kits which still let you customize a kit, if you wish, however we will do the extra setup for you with high quality materials and ship them directly to you. Learn More

Is this a game you play on the computer?

No, and.. yes.

Kits set up a game you physically play at home, in an office or wherever you choose. Participants will need to be in the same room to play. However, most kits will have a digital element to them also that integrates technology. That means you might be playing part of the game on a computer, smartphone and/or tablet. We think it's an amazing way to greatly enhance the traditional do-it-yourself Escape Room kit.

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How much does a kit cost?

Kits cost $49.99 $39.99 each.

How does this compare? We're glad you asked! Escape Rooms establishments that you can visit can cost $20-$30 per person or even more! You can use an EscapeItKit as much as you want, for any number of participants and in as many different builds as needed — all for the price of one or two players! Comparing to other kits available out there we feel EscapeItKit is extremely competitive.

How can I customize a kit?

When you build a kit we walk you through an online tool which lets you adjust certain aspects of each puzzle, change the difficulty or gives you different puzzle choices.

For example a puzzle solution might give you a specific word or phrase that you must provide to another puzzle in order to proceed. You can customize that solution and the kit will auto-magically generate a custom puzzle and tie everything together.

You can build in your own sub-theme interlaced in the puzzles themselves and create a unique experience!

If that sounds like too much work you can also just use the defaults for a kit or, in some cases, choose presets that set all puzzles for a specific audience.

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What tools, equipment, materials do I need?

It may very from kit to kit what tools and materials you will need. All kits will have printable puzzles and most will have some DIY props you can create. Generally speaking you should have the following:

  • Printer, preferably a color printer
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Color markers
  • Ruler and/or straight edge
  • Paper cutter (optional)
  • Hobby knife and cutting mat (optional)
  • Paper, pencils, etc.
  • Additional materials required by DIY props

The following are highly recommend but may not be required:

  • Internet connection
  • Smartphone, tablet or laptop for participants to use
  • Tablet, laptop or similar device optionally hooked up to TV or projector
  • Smartphone or tablet to use with Escape It Director
  • Speaker system, bluetooth speaker, computer speakers, etc.

How large of a space do I need?

Being restricted to a confined space is part of the experience. It creates an explorable space for you to scatter different clues and puzzles around. Any space that is large enough for your participants to move around in but not too large that the game props are difficult to find will work. You can also section off a larger space to establish some boundaries.

Kits have been set up in conference rooms, bedrooms, hotel rooms, classrooms, etc. Keep in mind that an empty room isn't the best choice because you will not have anywhere to hide puzzles. A space that can also provide a table or other work area is also helpful to participants.

How many participants are needed?

Kits work best with around 5-8 participants. It can be more, it can be less, but with a maximum of around 12 participants. Depending on the customization of the kit a smaller group might struggle to complete all the puzzles in time. Likewise, too many participants might not be able to contribute as well.

If you have a large group you can break participants up and run the kit in multiple rooms simultaneously with the Escape It Director.

Running an Escape Room kit with a varied amount of participants brings out some interesting dynamics with cooperation and team building.

What is the minimum age required to solve a kit?

Each kit may be designed for different age groups and will be listed in the description. Generally, they are designed for ages 12 and up. With the customization options you can vary the difficulty and variety of puzzles in the kit. You can effectively adjust the entire Escape Room to better fit your audience anywhere from easy-going and casual to hard-core and challenging. Presets may be available to quickly adjust all puzzles in a kit for a target audience.

Kits have been used for birthday parties, family gatherings, team building exercises, and more. A mix of ages works well and often participants naturally find a way to contribute.

How long does it take to solve a kit?

The goal of an Escape Room is generally to complete the main objective before time runs out.

Most kits take from 40 to 60 minutes to complete depending on how many participants, skill levels, and kit customization. With the Escape It Director and timer you can easily set up, track and, if available, display the countdown timer to the participants. Furthermore, you can adjust the time on the fly if you want. Do players want more time? You have the control.

Can I also be a participant?

You can also participate, however, be warned that creating the kit will easily expose you to some "spoilers". Answers and guides are kept separate from the kit props but you won't be able to go into the experience as blind as others.

That said, we've noticed that those hosting and running the Escape Room almost enjoy it as much as being a participant. It's a fun perspective as you watch, trigger events with the Escape It Director and occasionally assist participants as they work through the puzzles. You will naturally feel the same accomplishments they will.

Can you replay a kit?

We get it! Running a kit for the first time leaves you thirsty for more! Unfortunately, most puzzles only work when you don't understand the solution and won't work as well for additional playthroughs.

That said you have a few options to recapture the fun. First, a kit can be used as many times as you want with different participants. Second, you can go back and customize the puzzles changing the experience. And third, after time many puzzles will start to feel new again and participants will forget how to solve them and can experience it again!

Keep in mind there will be more kits available all the time with new themes and puzzles so you can come back for more!

Is an Internet Connection Required?

To take advantage of the Display Devices, Interact Devices and Escape It Director features used in most kits you do need an Internet connection. Smartphones can use their own cellular data and connect to the game as well.

If you don't have a Internet connection available you can play most kits with a shortened version or with alternate, offline puzzles.

Offline servers may be available in the future. If you are interested in this please contact us.

Do you offer a subscription plan or discounts on multiple kits?

Currently we do not, however, it is something we are keeping in mind for the future! If you are interested please drop us a line! Contact Us. If a discount is what you need then use the code ESCAPEFAQ7 for 10% off your first kit!

What if I'm not happy with my kit?

If you're not happy, we're not happy. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Contact us directly and we can provide you with a full refund or find a solution to your dissatisfaction.

Can you help me setup my Escape Room?

Absolutely! If you need some additional help getting your Escape Room setup from a kit we're happy to help. Contact us directly with your questions and we'll get you up and running!

Do you have special pricing options for educators or non-profit organizations?

We feel the price of a kit is very accessibly for most people and organizations. However, if you would like to discuss different pricing, sponsorships or other arrangements please contact us and perhaps we can work something out. We don't want cost to get in the way of an awesome experience if we can help it!

Can you come and do a live Escape Room for me?

We can! However, currently you must be in the Boise, ID area and have a room/area in mind to setup. We've done Escape Rooms for school and church events, team-building exercises in offices, hotel rooms, conference rooms, etc.

Contact us directly and we can work something out!

Can I use kits commercially?

No, you cannot resell, charge for an experience or run a business from our kits or services without permission. If you have an Escape Room related business please reach out to us and we can discuss partnerships or other ventures. We are also happy to do some cross promotion or other mutually beneficial arrangements.